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Legalcoms is an end to end client management software exclusively designed for legal practitioners. Legalcoms development journey is quite eventful from the initial surveys among law people across the country to the feedbacks we are receiving now from users. And so Legalcoms know what it is doing!

It handles everything from client intake to fee settlement without tampering your busy schedule and causing no hassle. So you won't miss another client amidst all those paper works which would be efficiently automated by Legalcoms.

Efficiently Enhacement with Legalcoms.

Legalcoms efficiently manages all the business activities in a legal firm from client registration to fee settlement without any hassles. It will help to reduce unnecessary waste of time, enhance productivity, improve customer satisfaction and increase number of cases and revenue.

How LegalComs perform as your most trusted working partner

Data security is the primary concern of any legal firm. LegalComs provides a very high level data security to it's clients with efficient encryption methods. Highly sophisticated database management system will ensure the data entry, management and retrieval a cakewalk.

User friendly interface of LegalComs avoid all what, when, where, who and how kind of confusions. As soon as the case updation is done it will automatically manage the future actions and give notifications to other stakeholders and clients.