The Indian Lawyer

September 02,2020

The 3-Judge Bench of the SupremeCourt has in a recent case of Praneeth K and Others vs University Grants Commission and Others along with nine other Petitions,passed a Judgment dated 28-08-2020 and upheld the validity of the #Guidelines issued by the University Grants Commission (#UGC) dated 06-07-2020, directing all #universities and #colleges in the country to conduct terminal semester/final year #examinations by #30-09-2020.

In some of these tagged matters, various students, youth organisations and associations of teachers from across the country have challenged the Guidelines on Examinations and Academic Calendar for the Universities dated 06-07-2020 issued by the UGC in view of the #COVID-19 Pandemic and subsequent Lockdown situation, and the Office Memorandum (O.M.) dated 06-07-2020 issued by the Ministry of Human Resource Development (Ministry) in that regard.